Blog revived!

Yeap! I’ve revived my blog that I have created 2 years ago for my business. It is in blogspot and not in wordpress. Honestly, I prefer wordpress. However, Multiply have this cool feature (ok, maybe not so cool as it is already there for donkey years and I have just discovered it) that you can cross post with blogspot. So, this means I just post once in Blogspot and it gets replicated automatically to my Multiply!!! And since each blog has its own fans, I kill 2 birds with one stone here!

OK OK… after nattering for so long on this, I have not given you my blog URL yet… hehe… well, you can access it at or at

Basically, this blog will contain my forays into cooking and baking, with recipes and household tips to share. It is still starting up though and I am still beefing it up with lots of things… so please bear with me!

As I have spent the last 3 months figuring out how to build(or should I say customise?) my shopping cart (oh which by the way is accessible at and finding the correct/best hosting provider… I need a short break.. but rest assured, my break will be short and will soon start putting lots of stuff into my blog soon…

If you like what you see so far, do follow me on Twitter ( . I will tweet whenever there is a new blog post or if I am running some promotion in my online shop!

So, come one, come all… visit my shop and blog and follow me on twitter!

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