Playing juggler… I am not!!!

Why juggler? Because that is how I felt the past week. Kids are home for nearly the whole week and I think I am really going nuts.

I think that I must be the worst mum in the whole wide world and I can’t believe that I am saying this… I am thankful that kids are going back to their nanny again starting next week!

Well, first of all the reason that they stayed home is because their nanny is off on a short holiday. And I thought since I am not “working”, I could juggle the kids and my business. I guess I took on more than what I could actually chew and swallow.

Tempers run short… OK, at least mine did… And hubby was really very patient with me and let my temper runs its own course… sigh… sorry about that…

But, I guess this goes to prove that I am just not ready to juggle kids with business YET!!! And I still need help with kids when I am trying to reply to queries, stock taking, planning out listings etc etc. I just could not concentrate with interruptions every 2 minutes… Mummy, how do you read this word? Mummy, mei mei is climbing the staircase! Mummy, do you know what is 1000 plus 1? Mummy, please hold my hand and teach me how to write. Mummy, I don’t know how to write….. and so on and on and on….

And yes, PLUS a toddler who insists to sit on my lap at my computer when I am trying to do some work, showing me she can help me reply to emails. Hmmm… should I be thankful that I got 2 enthusiastic helpers? After all, employers everywhere are looking for such employees who would go the extra mile rite?

Sigh… not to mention I need to rush to prepare their lunch and dinner. Plus washing and cleaning and tidying up the mess they make. And grabbing a few minutes here and there to check my emails, dashing off quick answers to most of them.

So yes, my business did suffer quite a lot this past week. It has slowed down tremendously. My stock is a mess. No time to take photos of new stock. My listings are down and I just hope I did not mix up my buyer’s orders last week. So, this next week, I will be playing catch up!

So, please don’t think too badly of me that I am not able to cope … and to mothers out there who are doing this juggling everyday, I salute you!

Hope that I will be able to master the juggling act one day…..

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  1. Hi dear, its definitely NOT easy to juggle so many things all at once. You need time to create a schedule that fits all :) With time, am sure you will do it well. *hugsssssssssssss*

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