Evido Hotel Bedroom

Vacation in Austria!!! – Hotel Evido, Salzburg

This will just be a short post of our hotel in Austria… Hotel Evido… hmmm… It is not actually a hotel building by itself but rather it takes up the whole first floor of an apartment building and convert it to a budget hotel of 20 rooms.

Entrance to Hotel Evido… looks a bit shady, rite? But it is OK after you get to the first floor into the hotel area….

We booked a double room but when we checked in, we were given a triple room… for the price of a double room. Sweet!

Our small room… it comes with a fan during summer… no air-cond…
The sofa and writing table…
Shower… it’s clean and that is the most important thing to me!
A narrow cupboard and a place to put our luggage…

Breakfast was very basic.. but sufficient.. The only complaint is that the breakfast area is very small and thus could not accommodate all the guests at one time… So, get to breakfast early or you need to wait for someone to finish before you can sit down and eat.

The distance from Hotel Evido to the train/bus station is very near… about 300m away…. so it was very convenient for us to go visiting. Plus, if you have cravings for some Chinese food after having sandwiches practically every meal, there is a Chinese restaurant nearby ran by a Hongkie couple…

All in all, Hotel Evido works well for our needs… :)


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