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Vacation in Austria!!! – Villach -> Salzburg

Off we go to Mozart land… Salzburg!!!

That was hubby in the train…. I forgot to take photos of the interior of the train… and so I googled for some… Google is so convenient nowadays :)

That’s not us!

That is, of course not any of us… photo courtesy from Scott & Scott’s Travels … just to show how the train compartment looks like. In the trains there, you could book and pay for your seats online (so convenient!) and there are mainly 2 different type of seats. One is the normal coach seats and another is a compartment. The compartment is just like shown in the picture… six seats in a “room” and there is a sliding door that can be closed (like shown below). And it is clean, comfortable and it even have electric sockets for you to plug in your laptop/charger/iPod/iPad etc etc… you get it…

Hmm… if we are able to get the whole compartment to ourselves, then I would actually love the compartment seating better… but during this trip, we shared our compartment with another lovely Austrian family…. errr… I cannot remember their names! Maybe hubby can help out when he reads this post :)

Do you know, people actually leave their apples on the trees to just rot away as they could not finish them! And we are paying RM2 for an apple here… Arrrggghhh! Anyway, this lovely family gave us some apples… and they are YELLOW!!! Hehe.. according to the mother (the family that we share the compartment with…), this species of apples are the most suitable to make pies and strudels as they are soft. And it spoils quickly, so we need to eat them fast!

The red apple is just there for comparison :)

The scenery along the way is just really incredible. It was lovely, just like the postcards pictures… and my cranky camera don’t do it justice! Plus, the windows don’t open so there are reflections of a partial ear, or some obscure detail from the compartment… haiiiizzz…











And lastly, a picture of a castle that we past by in the train… shown to us by the family sharing the same compartment as us…


So, what did we do in the land of Mozart? Well, that’s another story… :)


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