A wedding to remember, A lifetime to cherish

It was my cousin, Desmond’s wedding on this beautiful Saturday… The day dawned bright and beautiful and sunny…

We(our whole family) drove up to KL for the wedding and I would say this is one wedding that I enjoyed myself and would remember for the years to come. If I do have a choice and well, want to get married again 😛 (hey, I don’t want to get married again ok… I am truly in a happy marriage)… well, let’s just say a big IF (imagine back when I was still single la), this would be the sort of wedding that I would like. Hmmm… maybe plus a few modifications like having it in a church with a full mass(because I am a Catholic).

The reason why I liked this type of wedding is because it is formal and yet informal and it allows guests to mingle and the atmosphere is relaxed. So, basically everyone enjoyed themselves without the hassle of sitting down to a 3 hour banquet dinner with some mediocre food and torturous karaoke. Haha… for those of you who did not attend the wedding you must have no idea what I am talking about.

It was a Christian wedding and I have to admit this was my first… So, I did not know what to expect other than what I see during movies. We were about 20 minutes late and the wedding service started with some praise and worship songs, which lasted about half an hour. Thereafter came the formal part where there are scripture reading, sharing and the “I do” ceremony, proclaiming of vows and finally a song dedicated to the lovely couple by one of their friends. It was a beautiful ceremony. The bride looks ravishing and the groom… well, let’s say I have never seen him look so dashing before!

I love the decorations… simple and elegant.

And the food is definitely NOT the typical Chinese wedding dinner food. It was a buffet and the food was glorious. It was simply delicious and perfectly cooked :) I enjoyed it though I did not join the buffet lines. I was taking care of the young ones while hubby served us with the deliciously cooked food. Aiyah… no photos on the food though… but I liked their pineapple fried rice, bubur cha-cha, the nyonya kuih, mee jawa, kapitan chicken etc etc…

And I also liked the fact that only close friends and relatives are invited. So, there was basically no “sam ku lok por” (parents aunties/uncles/friends that you never meet before and will never meet again). After all, it is the couple’s wedding and not the parents 😛 And for me, I really support that!

So, yeah… if I really had the chance to organise a perfect wedding, I would do it this way :) Everything, all done in just under 2 hours… 2 relaxed happy hours :) Well, those who would like to hang back to lepak can do so, I guess. But with little ones in tow, we bid adieu after lunch… BURP!

Oh, and here are some photos of my little ones that I managed to snap! Joel did ask me though… why no yam seng one? Haha!

To Desmond and Rachel, this post is dedicated to both of you… May you both have a Wonderful, Blessed Marriage in the years to come!

**Note to hubby, if you are reading this… I love you very much so don’t you dare to suggest anything else.. 😛

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