Kids Talk #9 – Poo Poo

I was teaching Joel on his Bahasa Malaysia homework, trying to explain to him what does “anak buah” means.

Mummy: So what does “anak buah” means?

Joel: Don’t know

Mummy: Teacher never explain in school?

Joel: Got… teacher say is “jiu jiu” (father’s brother in Mandarin) son or daughter

Mummy: Correct.. then why you say you don’t know? OK, try to make a sentence using “anak buah”

Joel: Anak bapa saudara saya adalah anak buah….

Mummy: No no no… wrong… anak buah to who?

Joel: Arrr?? To me la…

Mummy: No no… Anak bapa saudara is your cousin… so cousin in Bahasa is “sepupu”. So your sentence should be….

Joel: Anak bapa saudara saya adalah anak buah sepupu.

Mummy: No no…

Joel: Then???

Mummy: If you want to make a sentence like this, then you should only say – Anak bapa saudara saya adalah sepupu saya – ¬†which means, My uncle’s son is my cousin… But now, I want you to try to make a sentence with anak buah

** Joel still did not get it and try many attempts to make sentence and include the word sepupu…***

Isabel: Aiyoh… poo poo… poo poo… poo poo must go toilet la… like that also don’t know…..

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