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Kidz Talk #13 – No more tummy!!!

OK.. this is a pretty old picture but when Isabel was young, this was the smallest size swim suit that I could find. And it was on sale! I purchased it for only RM12. Anyway, this post is not to talk about the price… but her cute little tummy! See that little tummy? She still has it at age 5!

And because she has grown, the suit is now a little tighter and so her tummy is even more “portruded”. Her pouty little tummy… hehehe..

She wore this to school one day for water play and her teachers teased her about her tummy. And since then she keeps telling me “My teacher says my tummy is fat! ” But I keep telling her, at her age, it is not fat, but cute! At my age, if I still have the tummy, the it is FAT!

Anyway, as the suit is getting tighter, I got her a new one. Also 2 piece… but this time the “shirt” is longer and covers the tummy. So, now she says, “My teacher cannot say my tummy fat anymore!” LOL!!!

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