Parenthots – MPH contest!

Ooooh.. another contest! I want to enter this. For those who know me, you must know by now that I am bookworm. Give me a good book any day anytime and I will be happy!

So, when I saw this contest, I feel I must really enter!

The obstacle now? I don’t have a picture of whole family reading! And if you read my previous post on my cranky camera, you would understand why this is a challenge.

  1. I can hardly get my kids to sit still to pose for a photo.
  2. With a cranky camera, this makes it even harder. Imagine this, kids pose… 1, 2, 3 – JAM!!!… OK, let’s try again… kids pose… 1, 2, 3 – JAM again!!!… OK, let’s not lose our cool, try again… 1, 2, 3 – Don’t move!!!! And kids start crying, screaming etc etc
  3. OK… even if I have a RELIABLE camera, who to take our photo for us? Contest says picture of whole family! So, if whole family is supposed to be in the picture, then who is supposed to man the camera? Hmmmm….

Future of Thin and Light (and small)

OK, this post is named such in response to this contest at

But this sure sets one thinking. What is the future like? With all the advances in technology, one really contemplates what the future holds, especially that technology changes so fast right now. I can remember when computers are a novelty. Those were the days where one household can barely afford to own one computer. Now, ONE person in ONE household has ONE computer. Yes, even my 4 year old son fights with me for computer time!

So, what do you think will be the next HUGE(or should I say little?) gadget?

I think the next huge thing will be this little thing which combines the function of a cell phone, watch and netbook into a gadget that is small and fashionable enough to wear on your wrist. And well, the standard name would then be WristPhone? (not very original, I admit.. hehe….)

It will not only be just another gadget. It will also become a fashion statement. Stylish designs for ladies. Macho elegance for guys.

And what does this WristPhone actually does?

This will become the “must-have” gadget especially for people on the go. This gadget tells time (like a conventional watch) and acts as your mobile phone when coupled together with a stylish headset. Oh, the keypad is too small? No problem, just project the keypad to your hand and dial!

Now what about a bigger screen? No problem, just detach the device from your wrist, and set it down on a table. It comes with a projected virtual keyboard and screen and there you go! You can now complete simple tasks like browsing, replying to the ever urgent emails or just edit your documents!

Now, you need to transfer your data to another PC? No problem! Just plug it in!

And if you are bored, you could even watch movies, listen to music and play games with this nifty little gadget!

You can now say goodbye to your laptop. No more heavy carry-ons into the plane. Just wear this on your wrist and you are all set to go!

Ain’t this WristPhone the coolest thing?

Alicewonders is giving away….

Pretty purses/bags!!!

Where can you find them??


And I love bags… need I say more?

And I need a pretty handbag because…

I want to stand out
Without shouting out
In a crowd where I am
To show my stand that I am…

A lady of my own
With a pretty bag to show
That I have beauty and brains
And not just an empty-headed dame!

How do you Organise Your Bag?

The answer is I don’t!! And that is why sometimes I will accidentally leave my mobile phone behind, or my keys, or …. well, you get the idea… and that is why these bags are so suitable for me!

Each Organize Jacq bag has:

  • Velcro tab opening
  • Two exterior side compartments for handphone and I-pod
  • One back exterior compartment to hold tissues and notes
  • One front exterior compartment
  • Four pen holders
  • Two interior sub-compartments to hold keys and make up items
  • One large interior compartment for wallet and bigger items

This below sums up how I organize my bag…

Depending on where I am going
Or what will I be doing
Higgledy-piggledy my things will go
Into the bag and that is so

Where oh where have my keys gone
Darn! I need a pen to write a note
Ring! Ring! There goes the phone
Sniff! Sniff! Where are tissues in my tote?

So, a Jacq bag is what I need
To keep all my stuff all in line
No more groping and grabbing
Everything in place and in line

So, if you feel that you need help organizing your bag, join this contest now at this link below:

I SOOOOoooo…. want to win this!