EBay Chatters….

Selling in ebay there are ups and downs… Strange, I feel that things are looking up! Although the things that happen to me are not GOOD things. But it all happens because my sales have pick up and I somehow became the target for someone’s shooting practice. Therefore, from now on, I have to be extra careful in whatever I do. Before I continue, let me elaborate on what happen.

First, I was reported on 2 ebay policy violation, one after another in the space of about 2 months. Well, I unknowingly violated these policies and I guess somehow a competitor has been waiting in the sidelines, ready to pounce when I mess up. Ebay will not simply suspend or email sellers on policy violation unless there are some other ebay members who reports you to ebay first and that must be what happened to me. So, I took it positively and amended my listings that is violating their policies…. and cross my fingers, I will not be served another violation notice.

Second, a buyer from Singapore came directly to my place to actually inquire on whether I can sell my product directly! Well, I was surprised… pleasantly surprised. We, as business sellers, are required to put our addresses in our listings (0ne of ebay rules). And that was how the potential buyer found me. Which goes to show that people wants to buy my item!However, after the¬†initial euphoria dies¬†off, it dawned on me. If a harmless potential buyer can find me and come to my place just like that, it must be a dangerous thing. So I consulted my sifu and it turns out that one does not need to put in the complete address in the listing. The road name, postcode and City will do… something like Jalan TT123, Taman Tasik, 10000 Kuala Lumpur. I quickly went and amended my address. And hopefully, no Tom, Dick or Harry will suddenly turn up at my door… keeping fingers crossed…