Kidz Talk #14 – Monopoly Bank

I think we have been playing Monopoly too much.

If you remember the Monopoly game well, there are 2 stacks of cards, one ¬†“Chance” and another “Community Chest”. And if you have not played Monopoly for a long time, you will need to know “this” so that the conversation below makes sense. So, what’s this? “This” would point to the contents of some of these cards tells you to collect money from the bank for one reason or another.

And so here’s what took place today…

*Incoming SMS ringtone”

Joel: Mummy, who SMS you?

Mummy: The bank la

Joel: Bank SMS you for what? Want to give you money ah?


I WISH!!!!

Kidz Talk #13 – No more tummy!!!

OK.. this is a pretty old picture but when Isabel was young, this was the smallest size swim suit that I could find. And it was on sale! I purchased it for only RM12. Anyway, this post is not to talk about the price… but her cute little tummy! See that little tummy? She still has it at age 5!

And because she has grown, the suit is now a little tighter and so her tummy is even more “portruded”. Her pouty little tummy… hehehe..

She wore this to school one day for water play and her teachers teased her about her tummy. And since then she keeps telling me “My teacher says my tummy is fat! ” But I keep telling her, at her age, it is not fat, but cute! At my age, if I still have the tummy, the it is FAT!

Anyway, as the suit is getting tighter, I got her a new one. Also 2 piece… but this time the “shirt” is longer and covers the tummy. So, now she says, “My teacher cannot say my tummy fat anymore!” LOL!!!

Kidz Talk #12 – Swimming trunks

Oooh.. let me oogle a bit first… hehehe

OK.. this is funny because my little girl is only 5 and have just started her swimming lessons. Her swimming coach wears trunks like this instead of those pant type.

So, one day, she ask me… Mummy, why my swimming teacher wears underwear for swimming? Why he never wear swimming costume?

Hahahaha…. Oh, by the way, her swimming coach is an old uncle and does not have abs like the picture!

Kidz Talk #11 – Cows

OK. this happen quite some time ago but I did not blog about it. In fact, I almost forgot all about it until I saw the draft I saved.

On our way out of our housing area today, we(J and me) passed by some cows in a small jungle(belukar) or thicket area that is a little overgrown with plants and not tended as well, there are no houses there (yet).

Joel: The plants here must be very healthy.

Mummy: Arr??? Why??

Joel: Because the cows will “ta-pian” (means poo in Mandarin) here and then the plants will eat the “ta-pian” then the cows will eat the plants.


Here’s the short of the long of how plants and animals help each other in mother nature :)

Kidz Talk #10 – Elephants and Ants

We were having a conversation during dinner where Isabel said that she likes colouring. Joel said he hates colouring.

Joel: I hate colouring

Daddy: Then you will get “E” for art in school

Joel: “E” is good.

Daddy: Why?

Joel: “E” for Elephant. Elephant is big and strong.

Daddy: So what is “A” for then?

Joel: “A” for Ant. Small and lousy.

Loyar Buruk!!!

Kids Talk #9 – Poo Poo

I was teaching Joel on his Bahasa Malaysia homework, trying to explain to him what does “anak buah” means.

Mummy: So what does “anak buah” means?

Joel: Don’t know

Mummy: Teacher never explain in school?

Joel: Got… teacher say is “jiu jiu” (father’s brother in Mandarin) son or daughter

Mummy: Correct.. then why you say you don’t know? OK, try to make a sentence using “anak buah”

Joel: Anak bapa saudara saya adalah anak buah….

Mummy: No no no… wrong… anak buah to who?

Joel: Arrr?? To me la…

Mummy: No no… Anak bapa saudara is your cousin… so cousin in Bahasa is “sepupu”. So your sentence should be….

Joel: Anak bapa saudara saya adalah anak buah sepupu.

Mummy: No no…

Joel: Then???

Mummy: If you want to make a sentence like this, then you should only say – Anak bapa saudara saya adalah sepupu saya – ¬†which means, My uncle’s son is my cousin… But now, I want you to try to make a sentence with anak buah

** Joel still did not get it and try many attempts to make sentence and include the word sepupu…***

Isabel: Aiyoh… poo poo… poo poo… poo poo must go toilet la… like that also don’t know…..