Decision Rambling

I guess I am at a crossroad again, time to roll the dice…. and well, I need to make a decision and live with it whatever decision I make.

So, this is going to be a rambling post with me rambling on and on about… well, me! If you don’t like it, then just bug off. This is my blog. So I will ramble on with whatever I want to.

Many things have happened at home. Many changes. Lots of push factors. Not a lot of pull factor. Just push.

Most of the times I ask myself, what is it that I want out of life? God is fair. Each of us have our own lives and we get to decide what we want to do and what we want to be. And also to be fair, He gave us 24 hours everyday to do so. It does not matter whether you are the king or some important hotshot…. or a homeless guy bumming around.

And I still do not have an answer to that question.. What is it that I want in life?

I have the chance now to own my own brick and mortar business but do I really want to do it? It is going to take me away from my family during weekends and I don’t think it is worth it. Also, I am wondering whether this is the type of brick and mortar business that I want to be in. What if this is a mistake? It will be a lot of money and effort down the drain. Not to mention a lot of time lost… time spent with my loved ones.

Nothing is worth the time I spend with my loved ones… especially my dear hubby and 2 little rascals who grows up soooo fast! Now they are no longer needy little babies who can’t voice out what they want and needs mummy and daddy to decipher their many different squeals and cries.

I guess I need to prioritize and a balance in my life. Which is more important. And I need to pray a lot to ask myself what is God’s plan for me on this earth?

Kids Talk #7 – Smells

I was reading a book about smells to Isabel… and there is an activity at the end of the book…

Mummy: What is this stall selling? What does it smell like?

Isabel: Fruits… smell fresh

** OK.. so far so good **

Mummy: OK, next stall, what are they selling?

Isabel: Bread… smells bready!

Mummy: Bready?

Isabel: Yes! Smells bready!

Mummy: OK… so what does the next stall sell?

Isabel: Fish and it smells fishy!

** Hahaha… see how creative kids are?

Mummy: Then next stall? What do they sell?

Isabel: Sausage!

Mummy: So, do they smell yummy?

Isabel: No, they smell saucy!

**I think she is probably trying to say sausag-ey here… hehe…

Mummy: Now what does the last stall sell?

Isabel: Flowers!

**Joel was nearby and he overheard his sisters answers…

Joel: And they smell flowery!

Isabel: No! They smell lovely!

I really enjoyed this little conversation with them!

Isabel is strong minded and does not like to follow orders.. well, at least at home. She has this stubborn streak and when Joel said something, she just has to say the opposite or something else!

I sure hope that this stubborn, strong headed streak will not lead her to trouble in the future.

Kidz Talk #6 – What should mummy work as?

Joel has been pestering me for some time… saying he is bored. And as I am sort of at a cross roads now(long story on the why, maybe in another blog post :)), I tried to get a kid’s insight. After all, kids don’t lie and they sometimes see things in a very simple way, giving sound advice.

And so, the following conversation ensued.

Mummy: Joel, mummy ask you something. If mummy wants to work, what do you think mummy should do?

Joel: Be a lawyer la!

Mummy: Why?

Joel: Lawyer got a lot of money!

Mummy: Wah… but mummy never study law before.

Joel: OK, then be doctor la! Doctor also like lawyer. A lot of money!!

Mummy: OK… so what do you want to be when you grow up?

Joel: Hmmm… if I can’t be an astronaut, then maybe be lawyer or doctor loh… get a lot of money. Eh, mummy, lawyer do what one? Just sit in the office and sign paper only also can get a lot of money. How they earn the money if sign paper only?

Haha… at this point, I can’t remember what I answered… but something crossed my mind. Are kids generally more money conscious nowadays and have the concept that money is very very important and thus must earn a lot a lot of money in the future? Or has mummy and daddy somehow failed to impart all other important values? What about helping the sick and poor and money is not everything?

Hmmm… food for thought!

Kidz Talk #5 – Police Talk

We have always stressed the importance of wearing the seatbelt when in the car to our kids. And, I guess, like all normal parents, we use the Police to scare them! We tell them that if never wear seatbelts and police catch, then will saman and send to jail… Hehehe….

So, see their conversation here:
Isabel: Mummy, what happens when a policeman sees another policeman never wear safety belt?

Mummy: Don’t know. You think the policeman will catch the other policeman?

Joel: Of course will catch la! Never wear safety belt will catch one la!

Isabel: No… he won’t catch. Because he is friend ma!


Haha… so who is correct?