Performance Appraisal.. the necessary evil of the working world

Performance Appraisal… Hmm… what comes to mind when one mentions Yearly Performance Appraisal??? For employees, definitely it is $$$$$… the more the better.

But what if you are the employer? Hmmm… food for thought huh? For employers, appraisal time would be the time they THINK that honest and valuable feedback should be given to employees on their work performance and to share their plans on future development for the employee…

Hold on… backup a bit… did I say “valuable” feedback? Hehehe… valuable could then be translated to $$$ as what could be more valuable than $$$? In fact, one of my colleagues translated it this way!

And thus, the conflicting interest here makes interesting gossip and conversation…. among employees, of course! And this year, due to ecomonic downturn, most of us are thankful that we can still keep our jobs. Increment after appraisal?? Don’t even think about it! And so, to some employees, performance appraisal this year seems like a waste of time as there is no increment to look forward to…

Oh, by the way, due to unforeseen circumstances, my performance appraisal has been postponed till further notice…

How to survive the economic slump…

How middle income earners can survive:

  1. If you are working one job only, go get another. If you are already working 2 jobs, then have your spouse work as well. If your spouse is already working, then have your spouse get another job.
  2.  Try to see if relatives or friends can treat you to lunch or dinner or even breakfast. This will save you few RM…. in which in long run will amount to a lot… but you will be labelled as cheapskate & shunned.
  3. Try to get a big “fan”. Kipas the boss more. See if you can get more benefits. Or connections to rich datos and datins. And when you get that connection, make sure you upgrade to a bigger “fan”.
  4. Stay at home. Don’t go out so much. If need to go out, see if you can walk. Walking is good exercise… as long as your face is not in the rear end of a bus or lorry… Makes you look trimmer and sexier :)
  5. Like the government say, eat less rice as price of rice increase. For smokers, kick the habit. For drinkers, kick the habit. From now on, make sure you eat more potatoes and ubi kayu until the price of potatoes and ubi kayu goes up. Then probably, government will say don’t eat rice, don’t eat potatoes, don’t eat ubi kayu. Eat only green vegetables…. and if prices increase more, then go to the restaurants and eat leftover food on the table before the pesky Banglas sweep all of it into the pail … that will save you bunch on food. Plus you get a little variety of each … n oh, don’t forget to bring a tupperware to store up extras for the rest of the family.
  6. Electricity go up. Don’t use electricity. At night, use candles. It’s romantic.
  7. Entertainment? Don’t go cinemas. Too expensive. Buy pirated stuff… Cheap…. Or maybe this can be a revival for wayang kulits…
  8. Mobile phones… forget about subscribing to ring tones, wallpaper, MMS… just use the ole trusty sms… and to save even more, give miss calls to your friends if there is nothing urgent… your friend will see the miss call and call you back. Get the most basic phone if your phone konks out. After all you are not going to MMS, subscribe to canggih ring tones and wallpapers or any kind of “value-added” services. You can save a bundle!
  9. Ah… unpaid overtime. To make yourself look not too bad, leave the office about 15 minutes after the official working hours. At least, you do not leave on the dot. No point staying back in the office to work unless you are paid for it. It’s better that you spend the “overtime” finding another job elsewhere(or working on a part time job) or just relax at home. After all, you are not paid for it.
  10. SHOPPING… now shop only during MEGA SALES… not even during those sales that the shopping complexes promote every month… for sushi or bread, wait till it is nearly closing time. They will mark down the prices by 30-50% just to clear off that day’s stock. Buy it then. Try not to ever pay full price for any items.

Ding Dong Ding Dong


This is definitely a “Down the Snake” day. Early in the morning and my blood pressure is up.

Have you ever wondered why there are some people who is missing some kind of “organizing” gene? Hehe… or maybe I am the one who is considered “abnormal” as I really can’t tolerate things going ding dong ding dong… or in other words, passing the baton (or batons) to one another without the final finishing line in sight… the objective, well, is just to pass the baton(s) around.

Sad to say, this seems to be the culture for some people… in fact, they excel in it! Hmmm… probably they took up the course Tai Chi 101 and got a PhD for it!

And so, when these matters happen to grace my desk, and when my superior inquire on what is going on, I will pick up the gauntlet, and charge right it, making sure these people know what is going on and what needs to be done next…

Hmmm… maybe that was their goal all this while… getting me to pick up the gauntlet…

Why Snakes and Ladders?

OK… this is not my first blog. I was using Blogspot and Multiply before this. Blogspot works fine but somehow, I just do not like it 😛 … So, I tried Multiply. Multiply is great!!! But then, the only drawback is that it loads so slowly. So, I gave up.

Now, I am trying WordPress… So far, so good :)

Now, you must be thinking… Why name my blog “Snakes and Ladders”?

This has nothing got to do with real snakes. In fact, I am really scared of creepy crawlies and snakes rank right above the category of creepy crawlies for me.

Hehe…The reason why this blog is name so is because I feel that my life is sometimes like this famous (or is it infamous?) board game. You reach a square and oh.. there is a ladder… yippee… let’s go up the ladder, we are on the right track. And sometimes, I will reach a snake… and oh, oh… here we go, sliding down the snake…. And most of the times, you just roll the dice and advance a few paces… by passing some ladders and snakes… missing opportunities to advance or slide down as your life is ruled by some unseen force (the roll of the dice)….

And so, here is my first entry.  On whys and wherefores… Looking forward to adding more sooonnnn…. ciao!