Working vs “Not” Working

OK, since I have been “jobless” for nearly 4 months now… I feel that I am entitled to write this post now :)

Oh well, I am not exactly jobless but you get what I mean… I run my own online business full time now… besides taking care of things at home. Kids are still at the nanny.

Let me tell you…. it has been a blast! For working mothers who are contemplating to be WAHMs, I truly recommend it. It can be frustrating at times… but the pros much outweigh the cons. Or perhaps I am tired of the corporate world? Hehehe…

What are the pros? For starters, my hubby can enjoy home cooked meals for dinner almost everyday…. hehe… of course there are some days where I want a time out too! Thus we pack dinner or eat out. But I will cook something simple for dinner almost everyday. Saves money and much healthier!

Yes, kids are still at the nanny which means that the amount of time spent together with them is still the same… no matter whether I am working or not! But the difference is this…. if the kids are unwell or need a visit to the doctor’s or even if they would like to go swimming in the evenings, I could accommodate! By just rearranging my time…. With a full time job, it would be difficult. Well, beware, this does not mean that you put in less effort in your work at home… you still need to do what you need to do. Just that it is easier to arrange to do it at maybe 10pm at night? Instead of 6pm when it is time to prepare and cook dinner?

Of course, you could arrange your own time out too! Maybe you would like to avoid the weekend crowd and long queues at the local shopping mall? No problem! Just got during weekdays! Need a massage and a facial? No problem! Just rearrange your time!

Still not convinced? Or maybe you are asking now… what are the cons? Well, it is discipline, discipline, discipline! Rearranging your time for some leisure or other commitments does not mean that you neglect your business. It just means that… rearrange time. For some, it is difficult if there is no one to look over your shoulder, following up on your progress in your job. You need constant supervision and attention(affirmation) that you are doing things correctly from your superior.

If you are running your own business, there will be no one to tell you whether what you are doing is correct or you are on the right path. YOU and YOU alone decides that. How much money do I want to invest? How much time do I want to spend doing this? Is the effort worth it? Is there a better way to do this tedious job? How do I improve efficiency for this time consuming task? YOU and YOU alone have to ask yourself all this tough questions and answer them. No more discussing with boss and see what my boss say and follow his lead. No more fixed $$$$ every month, whether I do the job well or not…

Oh, wait, did I mention $$$? Yes, I did… You have to get used to the idea of not getting a fixed amount of money every month. When business is good, you get more. When it is not so good, you get less. And sometimes, it is a lot less…. that you find that you might need to eat grass that month!!!!

Oh.. don’t worry!! I am not eating grass… all thanks to my hubby!!! Hehehehe… so I guess pre-requisite to going full time as WAHM – a supportive hubby is a must!!! No joke!!!!

Well, some people might also miss the camaraderie in the office. Working at home can be lonely at times. But I find it therapeutic. Perhaps I am a loner/introvert at heart and feel most comfortable when I am alone…. :) But well, this can be remedied. Ask your ex-colleagues out for lunch or dinner :) and catch up the office gossips.. Or maybe reconnect with long lost friends whom you can never find the time to contact when you were still working?

So, for me, I think besides the $$$$ part where I am still getting used to, life has been a blast! I felt more relaxed and not so tense. I wake up in the morning looking forward to the day…. This has to be good for my health (psst.. another pro.. hehe)

So, what are you waiting for?